Courier Direct Joins the Shift Group

On 14th of December 2020, Courier Direct became a part of the Shift Group. The acquisition took place over the 2020 Christmas period in an exciting new venture for both companies.

Founded in 2017 by Jacob Corlett, Shift is a tech startup that has revolutionized the way things get from A to B. As a part of the Group, Courier Direct will now be able to utilise Shift’s in-house technology and their expansive team to help take the brand to new heights.

The opportunity to join a well-established company was one that we [Courier Direct] could not pass on. Aware of Shift’s extensive portfolio, and its significant growth, we have recognised the huge potential to grow through the integration of Shift’s up-to-date technology and efficient new management systems.

Expanding Courier Direct’s offering

Before the acquisition, we [Courier Direct] had been carrying out various processes manually to conduct its operations and had been performing its services with a small fleet of vehicles. Now, we [Courier Direct] will be able to make the most of Shift’s own automated systems and focus on streamlining its operations.

Tim Sheppard, Shift’s Business and Operations Lead, stated:

‘I am delighted to welcome Neil and the Courier Direct Team to the Shift family.

Courier Direct is a really strong brand, with an excellent local reputation. It has both a solid customer base and, under Neil’s leadership, it is a well governed and profitable business.

The entire Shift team is excited to be working alongside such a well-trained and highly motivated team, and I am sure that together we can maximise the opportunity, build enduring relationships and wow our customer base.’

To date, Shift and Courier Direct have operated with different approaches. While Shift has predominantly concentrated on helping consumers move big and bulky items, such as sofas and wardrobes, Courier Direct has centred its operations around delivering goods for businesses, on demand. 

Neil Thomas, co-founder of Courier Direct, will be staying on as a consultant for 18 months to help support the ongoing integration.

Neil declared:

‘After many years of building a strong business, brand and reputation in Bristol, I felt that Courier Direct was ready to be taken to the next level.

‘I had turned down many previous approaches by some large players as they were not the right fit for my company. I settled on a future with the Shift Group because I was keen on their like-minded approach to delivering high levels of service, retaining our strong management team and they had an off-the-scale capability in the development and application of tech. 

‘I’m looking forward to being part of the improvements and enhancements to service levels and responsiveness that are being rolled out, and guiding Courier Direct through this exciting new transition.’

The team at Shift will continue to support Courier Direct as it becomes a part of the Group. It is  an eventful period for Bristol and the surrounding area’s logistics industry, and of course a very exciting time for both Shift Group and Courier Direct.