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Secure Document Courier Service

Some items are just too important to trust to chance – so you need a same day courier you know is fully capable of delivering on its promises; built on a infrastructure that covers the entire UK; with a proven technology track record.

How about a courier that’s powered by SG Platforms national infrastructure which facilitates tens of thousands of end to end, tracked shipments every month. Built with security and the best possible customer experience in mind.

Get an end to end service where POC (Proof of Collection) and POD (Proof of delivery) comes as standard with no additional cost.

It’s part of our secure courier service protocol – ensuring you’re kept informed of progress from collection to delivery – and should there be a delay we’ll tell you before you start to wonder what’s going on.

Our drivers are all security checked and will only deliver to the person(s) you specify.

Call us on 0117 952 1111 and we’ll be there for you.

Expect and get more from your courier, with Courier Direct / Shift Courier

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