Relationships built on trust

We’d all prefer to do business with those we know already – because we know, like and trust them. But occasionally we’re required to place our business with a person or company whom we know little about, and that’s always a risk.

No more so than in the delivery business – no job is complete, or invoiceable until it is delivered. And reputations can be won or lost based on whether or not deliveries can be depended upon. So arguably, your relationship with your delivery provider is one of the most important in your business.

What criteria do you use to screen a new supplier?

Thanks to social media we can get a much clearer idea of how well a company is performing – but what about price, customer service, reliability and quality of product or service?

In the transport and logistics business, you’re faced with a plethora of suppliers – and generally speaking you get what you pay for. Beware the cost cutters – they’re the companies that go all out to steal away business in huge volumes, then they find they can’t handle it.

Customers are let down, company finances become shaky due to under-selling, and the stability of the business is significantly undermined. Before you know it you have a supplier going out of business and your deliveries stranded somewhere they shouldn’t be.

So, it’s good to know that deliveries placed with Courier Direct are being entrusted to a well established, secure company that’s not run by investors, but by industry professionals.

In fact 86% of our customers have been with Courier Direct for 6 years or more. That’s a powerful testament to the reliability of our service.

And with customers entrusting us with keys to their premises so we can deliver in the middle of the night, medical samples, sensitive documents and time critical consignments placed in our care, we’re proud of our reputation for safe, secure deliveries.

Feel free to read some of our client testimonials too – every one genuine!

But what if you want absolute reassurance? That’s OK, we’re happy to put you in contact with our clients so you can hear from them about their direct experience of our services.

Whether you work in the public sector, the financial or professional services sector, healthcare, design and print, or manufacturing - we can put you in touch with a business similar to yours so you can find out first hand about the quality of the sameday delivery service they’ve received from Courier Direct.

Everyone wants to start the new year with optimism and good experiences. If you’ve suffered at all with your deliveries lately, have a chat with us.

We’re flexible, and happy to hear all about your needs – with 24 hour nationwide and international delivery coverage, we’ll provide a professional, reliable and yes, trustworthy courier service you can rely on.

Photo credit: NoDivision via photopin cc