Don't employ your own driver until you've read this

If you're thinking of employing your own driver you must have a need for a regular, reliable deliver resource in your firm. But is committing to a full time employee the best option?

Add together the cost of recruitment, salary and holiday cover plus buying the vehicle, keeping it on the road and the insurance, and it does in fact soon mount up.

And what do you do when the van is in for a service? Or even worse, involved in a bump and it’s off the road for a while – you still have to pay for your driver, and maybe the cost of a hire vehicle on top.

But you’ll have your own van on the road – with your livery, advertising your company wherever it goes. And you’ll be in control of your own deadlines. So, what’s not to like?

With an outsourced courier, there are no compromises

Why not outsource your deliveries to a courier company that has a fleet of vehicles with interchangeable corporate livery? It’s easy to have what appears to be your own company vehicle on the road.

You’ll have a fixed weekly cost and no need to worry about employment costs, holiday cover or if your driver goes off sick – that’s for the courier company to take care of, meaning you get a seamless service free of interruptions. You can choose from a range of vehicle sizes according to your needs, so your goods are delivered as efficiently as possible.  

And drivers will be happy to wear your uniform when on your business too – if that’s your preference.

In our experience, we save our customers up to 20% of the cost of employing their own driver, even when we provide a 24/7 service. So there’s a convincing economic argument for outsourcing deliveries.

But what about reliability? Well with a fixed delivery contract, it’s in no one’s interests to let you down, and with a fleet of vehicles and team of drivers to pick from there’s little chance of any disruption to service due to unforeseen circumstances.

So, if you want the kudos of having your own van on the road, you can have it all, but without the headaches.

Talk to us about our dedicated corporate service, it works for others, it could work for you too.