Time sensitive and important deliveries

It might seem extravagant to hire a van to deliver a document or envelope but sometimes needs must. Actually we’re called upon to run very small items like these to their destinations more often than you might think.

And to lighten the load (pardon the pun!), we offer fully tracked vehicles driven by CRB checked trained drivers so we can offer you peace of mind and reliability.

Financial documents, passports, contracts, court papers, and certificates are all entrusted to us for same day delivery on a dedicated vehicle. And because we’re in touch with our drivers, we can give you up to date details on where we are, ETA’s and keep you informed should any road conditions delay our progress,

We work with accountants, law firms and the probation service, as well as for individuals who have the odd personal urgent package.

We’ll give you proof of delivery via signature as soon as the goods arrive. Communication is our strong point and we pride ourselves on staying in touch with you to give you information as and when you require it. That means you can focus on your other tasks, and not worry about your delivery.

Dedicated vehicles are available any time of day or night, so if your consignment is time sensitive, even if it needs to be in Scotland for 8 in the morning, we’ll be there.

Account holders have access to us any time, so why not open an account if you don’t have one already, just so you’re ready should the unexpected need arise. Call us today and ask to speak to Ian. He’ll be pleased to hear from you.