Dedicated Sameday service from a large, reliable fleet

When you’re choosing to send your goods by sameday courier, you don’t want to wait – after all that’s why you’re choosing a sameday rather than next day service.

Only a courier company with a large fleet has the capacity and flexibility to respond quickly, with the right size vehicle, when you call.

And beware – not all sameday services are the same. Some services may be sameday, but consignments are often collected and delivered in groups so whilst your parcel may be on its way at 9.30, it may not reach its destination until much later in the day. When checking prices for sameday services, make sure you are comparing like for like.

For a direct door to door service, you need a dedicated sameday courier and that’s the service we provide here at Courier Direct.

We’re able to offer this dedicated service because we have 20 of our own sprinter vans, 3 2.5 tonne curtain siders and a happy band of experienced long-term sub contractors to cover our busiest periods.

Our drivers work flexible shifts so we can be there when we’re needed.

Right now we’re gearing up for Valentine’s Day. Our warehouse will have the sweet smell of flowers, arriving in the wee small hours, ready to load onto vehicles to criss-cross the South West spreading the love! We can cope with this spike in demand because we have a large fleet. It won’t affect our other jobs that day either.

If you find you’re waiting ages after ordering your courier, it’s worth having a chat with us. Opening an account with Courier Direct will guarantee you priority service, and you’ll be dealing with experienced controllers and drivers with the knowledge and expertise to navigate the traffic on the roads, roadworks, and any other obstacles that may crop up to deliver your goods as efficiently as possible.

All our vehicles are tracked too so we can keep you posted on progress if needed.

From confidential documents to print, from Point of Sale material of all shapes and sizes to statues, fragile items, furniture and engineering parts, we’re used to dealing with them all. And if you have specialist requirements for your transport, talk to us, we’ve carried livestock, celebration cakes and glass so we’re used to handling sensitive and precious cargo!

For a responsive, reliable courier, talk to us, we care about all that we carry!