Safe, secure sameday deliveries

Not all courier drivers are the same! Some believe that if you own a van you are by default a courier! However, when it’s your precious parcels, consignments and urgent documents in transit, you’ll want to know that they are in safe hands.

Drivers at Courier Direct are vetted, trained and tracked, so that we know all goods in transit, from the moment of collection to the moment of delivery are safe, secure and protected from damage. Drivers are CRB checked and every one of them must have a clean driver’s licence.

We have an impeccable track record for delivering goods on time and in perfect condition. Our checking process at collection includes packaging, weight regulations, labelling and stacking, so that consignments of any shape or form are completely ready for their onwards journey.

We take your deliveries seriously; we understand that a failure on our part reflects badly on yours. With thorough vehicle checks, regular vehicle maintenance schedules and van tracking, we can be relied upon to meet your delivery schedules, whether it’s multi-drop, long distance or deadline sensitive.

We’re in London every day, we know the roads of the Capital as well as the black cab drivers, and are able to weave our way around the traffic. Whether your parcel is a strange size or shape, whether it’s an envelope containing important documents or tenders, or a pallet load of print, we can send the most appropriate and efficient vehicle for its journey.

Right now we’re supplying drivers and vehicles to provide full-time temporary holiday cover for corporate clients, charities and retail. We’ll even add your van livery to ours if that’s what you’d prefer, and have our drivers in your uniform.

Whatever challenge you’d like to ask of us, we’d gladly accept – within reason of course! We’re experienced and knowledgeable from the top down, and most of all we care! Don’t put up with second best, call us and we’ll do the rest!

Have a great day, from the team at Courier Direct.