The versatility of a sameday courier

No two days are the same here at Courier Direct. We’re often required to move the weird and wonderful for an eclectic mix of clients. And we don’t just move goods within the UK, we take trips over to Europe too, regularly, and across the sea to Ireland and the Isle of Man.

Come rain, shine, hail or high water, our dedicated vans of all shapes and sizes are on a mission to deliver whatever our customers request, to any destination of their choice.

Here’s a selection of the more weird and wonderful consignments we’ve been asked to deliver:

Ed’s Stone – do you remember at the height of the general election campaign last year, the story of Ed’s stone? It rapidly degenerated into a publicity frenzy that famously backfired. We were asked to move a replica of the stone to a competition winner, though I think nobody knows what happened to the original.

One lady recently requested a sameday courier to collect her new pet snake and deliver back to her safe and sound. We’ve also been called upon several times to collect lost property from train stations, offices and even pubs – passports, laptops, brief cases and mobile phones – they’re all returned without delay to their rightful owners.

Remember the Shaun the Sheep trail in Bristol last summer? Following the successful charity auction, we were called upon to deliver some of the lovable Shauns to their new homes and to the delight of their new owners.

From delicate sculptures to hand crafted furniture, from blood and medical samples to legal documents and time critical contracts, there’s no end to the nature of sensitive, personal and precious items that our customers entrust with us.

Our 24 hour service enables us to come to the rescue to deliver emergency replacement parts for machinery and petrol pumps any time of day or night, and to make very early morning drops for retailers, before the rest of us are even awake.

Our growing fleet of vehicles is now more diverse than ever, so that we can move consignments efficiently on the most appropriate vehicle for the job. Last year we added 3 new curtain sider vans to our collection, to enable us to move larger consignments more cost-effectively, and this year, we’ve just introduced our first 7.5 ton truck.

There’s no disputing that sameday courier delivery services offer flexibility, a prompt response, and safe passage for a huge range of goods. If your conisgnments are precious, time critical, are delicate or an odd size, don’t risk an overnight parcel service. We strongly recommend you choose a dedicated vehicle to be absolutely sure your consignment will reach its destination safely and on time.

And of course, we’d be happy to help.