When a Sameday courier service makes sense

To some people, choosing to use a sameday courier may seem like a luxury – after all you’re paying for a dedicated vehicle. It’s a bit like comparing using a taxi to taking the bus.

But there are lots of reasons why a sameday courier service makes sense and these include:

Large parcel – Costs for sending parcels are often directly related to their size and weight. You may find that an oversized parcel is indeed cheaper to send on a sameday courier. And if your goods are on pallets, it’s possible that a sameday service is cheaper than an overnight one. It’s worth asking.

Precious cargo – if you’re sending something that is valuable, don’t trust it to an overnight system or the post. It’s simply not worth the risk. A dedicated vehicle will take it straight to your recipient, who will sign for it and you’ll know it’s been delivered.

Fragile goods – You risk fragile goods being damaged if they are sent via a normal courier service. The truth is, it may be thrown, squashed and may have parcels piled on top of it in transit, so no matter how well you pack it, the risk remains that it will get damaged. The driver of your dedicated vehicle will know that the contents are fragile and will treat the parcels with added care and attention.

Urgent deadlines – if your goods simply have to arrive by a certain date or time, the only way to guarantee delivery is by using a dedicated sameday courier. Next day parcel services don’t always manage to deliver ‘next day’ and will have small print that exonerates them from any responsibility should they miss your deadline.

Sensitive documents – Passports, legal documents and contracts are best placed in the hands of a dedicated courier, especially if they would be difficult or costly to be replaced should they get lost in transit.

Your precious time – if you don’t want to wait in a queue at the post office, you may be prepared to pay the premium to have your parcel collected. It takes the stress away and reduces the time commitment for handling your parcel.

Emergency! – Forgotten your passport, tickets or money? Use a trusted sameday courier to quickly collect and deliver your forgotten items straight away.

Show you care – If you’re delivering goods to a valued client, they’ll appreciate the use of a dedicated vehicle. It allows you to confirm a definite time of arrival, shows you care, and gives all parties peace of mind that delivery will run smoothly.

Your sameday courier can indeed be your best friend. Whatever your reason for choosing a sameday service, we’d be pleased to help.