Sensitive document delivery

We’re often called upon by companies and local authorities to collect and deliver sensitive documents.

Wage slips, probation papers and contracts for signature are commonly entrusted to us for direct door-to-door delivery on a dedicated vehicle. Though we must say we never move money!

And our work involves moving important court papers and documents for a number of law firms, who are on familiar terms with our drivers whom they know and trust.

Our drivers are all CRB checked and trained in our secure service protocol, which means they understand the importance of trust and reliability and will never leave their vans unattended unless locked.

They obtain proof of delivery via signature and report this to our office as soon as delivery has taken place. We can then report successful delivery to our client so they know their consignment has arrived safe and sound, and on time.

And on the occasions when they are delayed due to traffic incidents, they’ll let us know so we can keep the customer informed, plus of course our vehicles are tracked so we keep an eye on progress anyway.

It’s all about communication – if our clients know what we’re doing and when to expect delivery, they can focus on their other day-to-day tasks without having to worry.

We’re proud of our reputation for trust and reliability. We have an impeccable record for out of hours deliveries to business premises where we are entrusted with keys for self-service access, so goods are in place at the right time at the start of the day when each business opens its doors. It works seamlessly, and we have recently been described as being like ‘fairies in the night’ working away while everyone is asleep!

We’re even called upon to move blood and medical specimens for time critical deliveries.

If your business needs to have goods or documents moved, and only a trusted driver will do, it’s worth having a chat about your specific requirements. Only when we’re happy we know your full protocol for deliveries, will we undertake the task on your behalf.

And if you’d like to talk to any of our clients that use our secure delivery service, just get in contact and we’ll put you in touch. We’d expect nothing less than for you to check us out via a third party!