Courier services for printers

One of the most common types of consignments we deliver is items of print, so it’s essential we understand the specific needs of this sector.

And of course print must arrive at its destination on time and without any damage at all. We’re well aware that a lot of hard work goes into producing print – design, copywriting, photography and artwork production as well as producing the high quality printed material.

A lot of people have taken great care throughout the process and are keen to see their work delivered safe and sound. And undoubtedly, their customers will eagerly be awaiting their delivery.

9 times out of 10 our print deliveries take place right up against a deadline, and there is simply no time for a reprint. Whether we’re delivering to a conference, an exhibition, a product launch, a mailing house, a promotional event or an awards ceremony – the goods simply have to be there on time and in excellent condition.

So, we recommend our clients choose a dedicated sameday vehicle to ensure their print stays in immaculate condition.

We work in partnership with our print clients. They use heavy duty, double skinned cardboard boxes where necessary, and adhere to weight limits per box in accordance with health and safety regulations. They’ll also ensure each box is labelled in accordance with the recipients’ stipulations, and palletised where necessary, to an acceptable height, wrapped in sturdy shrinkwrap.

Our drivers are trained to handle their goods with care – boxes are placed on our vans, not thrown – we won’t tolerate mishandling of goods. Boxes and pallets are strapped down so they don’t shift in transit, and we use sack trucks or fork-lift trucks to transfer the goods safely and quickly when we reach our destination.

Access to exhibition halls, venues and mailing houses can be tricky, unless you are aware of the protocol and have all the correct paperwork. Venues like the NEC in Birmingham, Excel centre in East London and London’s O2 arena require specialist knowledge to navigate the processes efficiently. And some destinations require our vehicles to adhere to specific time slots. It’s easy to lose lots of time if you’re not familiar with procedures. And drivers can be refused admission if they don’t have the right paperwork or vehicle pass.

Print companies need to trust their delivery partners to complete their deliveries safely, securely and on time. Through years of experience working alongside our print clients, our team is well versed with the operational requirements of the industry and so works seamlessly as an extension of their business.

If you have print delivery requirements and are looking for a reliable delivery partner, we’d be happy to help.