Winter vehicle checks - make sure you're ready

Regular vehicle safety checks our part of daily life here at Courier Direct, but we’re often appalled by the lack of preparation for winter conditions we witness when out on the roads.

So, here are some tips to keep you safe, secure and arriving on time, wherever your journey takes you:

Check the following:

  • Your anti-freeze levels
  • Tyre depth and pressure – at least 3mm of tread is recommended
  • Battery life – a local garage can check this for you
  • Windscreen wiper blades for signs of splits or damage
  • Windscreen wash – top up if necessary
  • Are all your light bulbs working, and clean so they can be seen?
  • Fuel levels – never run close to empty, in case you’re caught up in unforeseen delays
  • Protect locks from freezing with a splash of WD-40
  • De-icer – make sure you have enough
  • Carry essential items in case of an emergency – water, blankets, medication, shovel, torch, tow rope, snacks, hi-vis jacket, wellies and pieces of carpet to place under wheels should your vehicle get stuck
  • Mobile phone battery – is it fully charged? Or better still, carry an in-car charger
  • Warning signs – if your car’s warning system is alerting you to a problem, get it checked out straight away to avoid a breakdown in inhospitable or dangerous locations

Remember too to keep an eye on the weather forecast and dress accordingly – assume you’re going to be stranded on the side of the road, and equip yourself for survival!

And if setting out on a long journey, carry a hot flask of tea/coffee and keep listening to the local radio for the latest conditions on the roads and updates on the weather.

We advise all our drivers not to enter floodwater or take any unnecessary risks, to heed warning signs and stick to major roads where possible.

A lot of the above is common sense, but it does no harm to remind ourselves once in a while, to ensure the safety of drivers and other road users, especially when the elements are against us!

Feel free to share if you find it useful.