Choosing a delivery partner? Choose well!

In a recent survey, 99% of those surveyed said they would end a business relationship if that business failed to build trust.

Delivery – it’s the end of the chain of events before you send out your invoice – and the last thing you want is for it all to go wrong, and your customers to be let down!

So, how do you choose the right delivery partner, someone you know, like and trust to act responsibly as an extension to your business?

A good courier company provides more than just a driver and…

  • Will build close relationships with their customers, to get to know their needs, their regular runs, specific requirements and size of vehicles they need.
  • Will acknowledge your order, and respond quickly, so you know the job is taken care of.
  • Will provide a timely POD so you can rest assured the goods have arrived and are with the right person.
  • Will ensure a responsible person signs for the goods, and that they are directed to the named recipient – not just left behind a desk in reception.
  • Will call when there’s a failed delivery, perhaps because there’s no one at the destination, they’ve all gone home, or the recipients are refusing to accept the goods.
  • Won’t take fragile goods unless they are wrapped appropriately, and will use extra foam and strapping to ensure no slippage during the journey.
  • Will inform you if the vehicle has been held up due to road works, an incident on the road, or poor weather conditions.
  • Will use fully trained, careful, professional and courteous drivers who will represent your company well when they deliver into your customers’ premises.
  • Will keep a well-maintained fleet of vehicles to ensure excellent road-worthiness and safety when on the roads.

If you want a good level of repeat business, you need to deliver excellent customer service, and that includes timely, reliable delivery. It’s what could give you that crucial competitive advantage.

If your chosen courier company is delivering just disappointment and frustration, and your reputation is taking a knock, it’s time to shop around for a more reliable partner.

Don’t accept anything less than an exemplary service – you’re busy enough taking care of your business, find a courier that matches your high standards.

Here at Courier Direct, we’re entrusted with keys to retail outlets, medical samples being transferred to laboratories for testing, and sensitive papers for the probation service. We work hard to earn, build and maintain trust with every single one of our customers. We know they value reliability and good communication.

And when you look at the value metrics of good customer service in this survey by Kissmetrics, it’s in all our interests to deliver complete customer satisfaction, every time.

Customer Service