White Van Man - menace or misunderstood?

According to Wikipedia, "White Van Man" is a stereotype found in the United Kingdom driving smaller-sized commercial vans; perceived as selfish, inconsiderate, mostly working class and aggressive.

But is that a fair assessment of hard working delivery drivers on a mission to deliver goods and services for the millions of businesses that need their attentive service day in day out, and overnight too?

Now you may say, as an employer of white van men, we’re a bit biased. But it’s never a pretty site to see the amount of bad press out there, almost on a daily basis – is it really with foundation?

So, we’re here to redress the balance a bit. Speak up for White Van Man, for whom we are most grateful for the smooth running of our delivery business, keeping loyal customers happy every day.

Some facts for you…

There are 3.3 million white vans on the road of which just 12,575 were involved in an incident in 2012.

And The Telegraph reported (in May 2014), that White Van Men are safer than car drivers:

According to Government published data, just one in every 261 vans was involved in an accident on Britain’s roads in 2012. Whereas one in 146 cars were caught up in a scrape.

Government figures suggest white vans have on average a 0.38 per cent chance of an accident during the year compared to cars with a 0.69 per cent likelihood of being involved.

And here are some more fascinating facts about White Van Man, courtesy of

White Van - The Definitive Facts & Figures

Infographic by Autonet Insurance


So, can we give them a break do you think? They’re not all bad, in fact the vast majority are hard working, highly attentive and helpful.

Ever wondered why so many vans are white?

They're easier to see – so less likely to be involved in an accident!

And a white van is cheaper than any other colour!

So, next time you see a white van man - or a Courier Direct van - look out for the lovely new logo! Give them a wave and a smile - they're doing a fabulous job!